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Grace, I watched you sleeping
All worn out and dreaming
You slept through the fall

I know you love this time of year
It always made you smile

Grace, I watched you breathing
All quiet and peaceful
But you were so weak

When I left that night I somehow knew
Your patient heart was finally through

But I never cried
I never cried

    Everything falls for a reason
    Gravity pulls it to earth
    Everyone to a season
    Everything falls into place
    Witness the fall of Grace

Grace, none of us blamed you
Nobody shamed you
When we laid you down

Everyone was there, you know
Your folks, your friends, and me
But I never cried
I never cried

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: on the CD, it was CADGCE, capo 2.

To play with an acoustic, slap a capo on the 5th fret:

Em  F  Em  Dm

C   Am   G    F
C   Am   Em   F

Post-Verse/Chorus ("I Never Cried"):
G/B  C  F
G/B  C  F

Bridge ("Everything falls..."):
C   Em   F    G
C   Em   F    G

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