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Cold breeze, dead leaves
Falling from exhausted trees
With no one else but you and me to see

We walked, while you talked
Everything you've ever said
Reflecting in my hollow head at once

	From seed, sunk
	We grew up like a tree trunk
	But your branch and mine
	They split and climbed apart
	But we still share a single heart
If you peel away the bark

The dim haze, of old days
In sepia, the times return
The love we shared, the lessons learned and lost

But slowly
We drifted in our own ways
I couldn't say the moment when
I looked and saw your branch had bent apart


And our roots
Are tangled up in tight loops

Though the winds may go
And try to blow us down

We stand together here as one
The darkest nights, the brightest sun
No matter what the two of us become

	[Chorus x 2]

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