The Rival Within

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I spilled out my heart
For you to consume
And there in the dark
The denial, it loomed
You stared at the floor, and tried to ignore

You couldn't believe
A word that I spoke
The truth can deceive
In the absence of hope
The fate that you fear
You pull it so near

	Well if you could see
	What is hiding beneath
	This invisible mask on your skin 

	Then maybe one day
	You could wake up and say
	Goodbye to the rival within
The girl in the mirror
A stranger these days
Reflecting your fears
Distorting your face
Alone in the dark, the beauty departs

You won't take a chance
For fear of defeat
For every advance
A thousand retreats
The sheep lost her flock
So she runs to the fox


Tablature & Chords

Tuning: standard

Intro: Am

F   Am   F   Am    G    F
F   Am   F   Am    G    D/F#

F   G   Am   C   F   G   Am
F   G   Am   C   F   G   Am
F   G   Am   C   F   G   Am
F   G   Am   D/F#    F   Em   Am

F   Am   F   Em
F   Am   F   Em

Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: A Minor
Tempo: 72 bpm
Meter: 6/8 Swing
Length: 4:58
Released Apr 5, 2015