Stars Collide

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Lean back and swallow the key to your heart
You're hiding in your shallow skin
And you're never gonna let me in

You've had a parachute on from the start
I know you wanna break your fall
But are you feeling anything at all?

    Everybody feels alone
    Everybody's on their own
    I wanna see the stars collide
    I wanna see the burning sky inside you

You wear a permanent smile on your face
But you're bleeding from the inside out
And you'll never say what it's about

But I know, yeah I know, yeah I know that it's a lie
That you never told me
But I guess you sold me all the same


        And I, I wanna go blind
        And I, I want you to blind me
        Just give me a sign

Don't go and tell me I don't want to know
That I'm better off in the dark
That you'll always be a shooting star

Cuz I know, yeah I know, yeah I know that it's a lie
You shouldn't told it
But I'll never hold it over you


Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, partial capo on the second fret on all but the bottom E string

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Musical Information
Key: D# Major
Tempo: 115 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 4:49
Released Jan 27, 2009