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From the albumAshes(2010)

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Running in the sand
Living on the land 
The salty breeze was in our eyes 
We stood beneath the dragonflies and danced all night

We polished all the chrome
On our rusty little home 
We slept all night in parking lots 
We tied our hearts in double knots, so tight
So free, so right 

	Remember when
	We were just cherubs in our tender skins
	Waiting patiently for life to begin

Flowing so free
Blowing in the breeze 
The songs we sung so long ago 
With whiskey and an afterglow, we shined like new

But there along the way
Something seemed to change 
As weeks turned into months we knew 
As life caught up we slowly grew, apart
And untied our hearts 

	The summer went away and the skies went gray 
	We slowly ran out of things to say 
	The river turned into drought 
	Our time was fading out 

	Defeated and alone, we returned back home 
	Like a bird without a wing who had never flown 
	Surrendered to, suspended dreams 

Remember when 
You walked away in the December wind 
I felt the stinging on my pale skin 
I knew that things would never be the same again 

Remember when 
The clouds rolled in and then the sunlight dimmed 
And what will be blacked out what might have been 

Tablature & Chords

    D       G   
    Bm  A   G

    D   G   Bm  G   D

    Em  Bm  Em  Bm  A
    Em  Bm  A   G

End Chorus:
    Bm  G   Bm  A   G
    Bm  G   Bm  A   G

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