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Dirty Wings
From the albumDirty Wings(2007)

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Wait, where is my bed, I thought I was there
I swear that I didn't come sit in this chair
But here I am, I guess that's fine
It's only something:49
I'll sleep it off tomorrow if I can

Did I take the pills? I think I'll take more
I thought that I left them here in this drawer
I guess I'll sit and think about
The last time that I took them out
And maybe I will remember where they are

There, drawer
Here, floor
Where, more

There, bed
Here, bad head
Thr heh huh

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, capo 4?

    3x033x  x1033x

    3x033x  1x033x  0x033x-0x031x
    3x033x  1x033x  0x033x-0x031x
    x3201x  x5403x

    3x033x  1x033x  x1033x  x3x04x x5x07x
    3x033x  1x033x  0x033x-0x031x
    x3201x  x5403x

Post-Verse Instrumental (first time):
    x6574x  x0574x  6x574x
    x6574x  x0574x  x5453x

Post-Verse Instrumental (second time, before solo):
    x6574x  x0574x  6x574x
    x6574x  x0574x  xx0232  xx1202

    -----------0/3------   (twice, then play 320033, then repeat the whole thing
    320033  1x0033  022033  x35543
    320033  1x0033  022033  x35543  x35x45
    x6574x  x0574x  6x574x
    x6574x                x65740

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Musical Information
Key: C Minor
Tempo: 57 bpm
Meter: 6/8 Swing
Length: 3:30
Released Nov 2, 2006