Follow the Road

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Can you miss what you never have known?
Can you ache for the place that was never your home?
No misgivings or shame
Like the moth to a flame
To burn up, or fizzle alone

Can you know who inhabits your skin?
Can you trust that you won't blow away in the wind?
Do you tether your hopes
Or let go of the ropes
And just hope that you someday descend

	Just follow the road
	The blood in your veins
	Like a track for the trains
	The heart always aims for the place
	Where you belong

	Just follow it home
	Though it may not agree
	With the path that you seek
	Sometimes you just need to stop searching
	And stand up and go
	Just follow the road

Can a bird take flight in the sky
With no map and no compass for thousands of miles
And just glide through the air 
On a wing and a prayer
Till the day, he finally arrives

When the rain comes out of the clouds
It makes no decision to fall to the ground
The fate was ordained
When the time came to rain
There's nowhere to go now but down


Can love exist unexpressed?
When there’s no way to show it to you in the flesh?
If you follow the road
Till it leads you back home
You'll find that the answer is yes

Tablature & Chords

Capo 5th fret


C   G   C
F   C   G   C
F   G   C   Am
C   G   C   G - Am - G/B 

C   G   C
F   C   G   C
F   G   C   Am
F   G

C   G   Am  Em
F   C   G
C   G   Am  Em
F   Am  G

Am  Em  F   C   G
Am  Em  G

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Musical Information
Key: D# Major
Tempo: 56 bpm
Meter: 6/8 Straight
Length: 4:57
Released May 21, 2013