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The Wake
From the albumThe Wake(2012)

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You were the left hand and I was the right
You were the darkness and I was the light
But nothing's the same since the horrible night
When Gemini fell from the sky

Your transient whispers were lost in the air
When the oceanside breeze came and swept through your hair
And the heavens were split past the point of repair
When Gemini fell from the sky

        And I held you so close like an angel
	As your delicate frame fell
	You streaked through the sky in a flame 

	While the writers and poets all scurried
	Their pens all a flurry 
	To capture the glimmering rain

	But the beautiful glow was the end of your road
	The night Gemini fell from the sky

We came to the universe joined at the hip
Our bodies connected, our minds separate
But you started descending and slowly we split
When Gemini fell from the sky

I reached out my arm and I lent you a hand
Pulling like hell just to get you to stand
But the forces of nature were greater than man
When Gemini fell from the sky

	Like a mirror was shattered in shards
	We were scattered in parts
	And I couldn't remember my face
	And the perfect reflection I saw
	Every line, every flaw
   	Disappeared as you faded away

	Every memory erased as you tumbled from grace
	The night Gemini fell from the sky


	You were always the blanket around me
	When coldness had found me
	You wrapped me up tight like a coat

	Now I feel like a passenger stuck
	In a driverless truck
	As the oncoming headlights approach

	And the two became one with the light of the sun
	The night Gemini fell from the sky

	And the two became one and the story was done
	The night Gemini fell from the sky

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Musical Information
Key: E Major
Tempo: 60 bpm
Meter: 6/8 Straight
Length: 4:12
Released Aug 21, 2012