Hollow Grove

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Leave the fallen, and fend for yourself
Cold and broken on the ground
Leaves are falling, they'll cover us all
They'll leave us in the fall alone

One December, when I was so delicate
I remember like today
You surrendered, to separate and flee from fate
And shatter everything you’ve known

	So find another reason
	To walk away this time
	Find another season to shine

	Cuz in the winter
	Your fingers froze in shabby clothes
	Another year in Hollow Grove	

The cold machinery was stealing your soul away
You felt the aching in your bones
For golden scenery, the crushing weight would suffocate
And drive you from your heavy home

In Colorado, you slept like a vagabond
With all the train smoke in your mind
But by Seattle, the ocean came and snuffed your flame
And there was nowhere left to go


Tablature & Chords

Played a variety of ways on Nashville-strung guitars. 


  Em   C    G    D/F#
  Em   C    D
  Em   C    G    D/F#
  Am   D/F#

  C    G    D/F# G
  C    G    D
  C    G    D/F# G

  G    D/F# F    Em
  G    D/F# F   
  Am        C    D
  F         D/F#

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Musical Information
Key: E Minor
Tempo: 74 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 3:55
Released Aug 21, 2012