Darien Gap

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Not Quite Connected
From the albumNot Quite Connected(2007)

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I was a waiter in North Baltimore
Down by the tracks and the video store where you worked
Three times a day you'd come in for a drink
I'd bring you a coffee, you'd pay with a wink and a smile

One day I saw you and pulled up a stool
I said, "Kathy, I've known you since first grade in school on the bus"
You always had talked about seeing the world
I never imagined you'd still be the girl down the street

I asked, "why are you still here?", you just looked confused
You told me "you can't get from here to Peru in a car,
In Panama you'll hit the Darién Gap
There's suddenly nothing but white on the map and you're done...

    We are one, but not quite connected
    We are one, but light years apart
    We are one, but not quite connected
    We are one..."

Now it's been so long since I wandered away
But I still think about what you told me that day in the bar
I wonder if you're still marooned with a globe
Waiting for someone to pave you a road to your dreams

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, Capo 2

G - Em - G 
G - Em - C
Dm - Dbm - Cm (x2)

C - D - C - D (x2)
C - Em / C - Em - D
C - Em / C - D

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