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Addressed to the Stars
From the albumAddressed to the Stars(2016)

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Everything, everything, everything I touch will break
And everyday, everyday, everyday you give and I take
I'm living the best that I can
But fate never followed my plans
I’m holding you back, so I want you to pack up and grow

Everything, everything, everything you've done is great
But your back has been feeling exhausted from all of the weight
I'll carry this burden myself
Just put me up high on the shelf
Think of me fondly, but please move beyond me and go

There's so much that you want to do
The world is just waiting for you
But I'm holding you down 
From the dreams that you found
In a life that you left when we met
So please just escape
Before my resolve goes away
And I ask you to stay

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Tuning: Nashville-strung, capo 1

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Musical Information
Key: G# Major
Tempo: 155 bpm
Meter: 6/8 Swing
Length: 3:51
Released Oct 15, 2014