Little Tomcat

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Little tomcat, stay close to me
Cuz there are clouds on the horizon
And a chill on the breeze 

We're alone here, but don't you be scared
I've got a calloused hand, a farmer's tan
And I'm happy to share

	You and I, will both get by
	Just promise you won't stray

	All that I need is some dirt and a seed
	And I will feed you till the summer blows away 

Little tomcat, don't be afraid
When there's a stirring in the meadow
Or a noise in the shade

I'll defend you and lead you from harm 
If you should find yourself peril
I will guard you in my arms

	I've seen people come and depart
	With every one, there's a start, and there's an end 

	I'm sick, and tired, of failed desire
	What I need is really just a friend

Little tomcat, don't let me down
Cuz I have spent so long forsaken
In this lonely old town

You don’t judge me, or tell me I’m wrong
If you will take me as I am,
Then I will take you along

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Musical Information
Key: C# Major
Tempo: 94 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 3:18
Released Aug 21, 2012