Water in the Creek

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I clung to a blindfold and a book
I couldn't think, I couldn't look
A car careening off the road 

I spoke like a riddle, in a dream
My heart was pumping gasoline
I still was sleeping when I woke

My head, ran away, and then my heart
The whole caboodle fell apart
I didn't notice I was gone

But now, there is music, there is light
There is laughter, there is sight
I am new, and I am strong

    Free me, scrub away my calloused thoughts, release me
    Clean me, there's water in the creek
    And I will wash away my sad defeats and start, this all anew

I thought I knew it all before
My cup was spilling on the floor
I had to pour it down the drain

Now I can fill it up anew
With something real, with something true
I’m standing naked in the rain


The beginner's mind will see
That there's a forest for the trees
And that we're smaller than the sum of who we are

With a whisper or a shout
The voice will shake you in and out
And leave you empty as a midnight boulevard

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