The Box

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Underneath the stairs, on the basement floor
Behind a stack of records and a plywood door
There’s a cardboard box, with a coat of dust
I brought it from your attic with your other stuff

And on the side, it says “photographs and memories” in black
And I’ve tried, to avoid it but I want you back

This was Cedar Point, maybe ‘83
I got queasy on the coaster so you sat with me
And the kids all laughed, but I didn’t care
They were flashes in the pan, but you were always there

Even when, I got older and I thought I was cool, but I was cruel
I still loved you and you somehow knew

Graduation day, I was moving on
We’re posing on the corner of the high school lawn
You were smiling wide, but I now can see
You were torn up at the thought of slowly losing me

And now I know, you were also slowly losing yourself
But you held, all the pieces tied together so well

In the Florida sun, on the crowded coast   
The picture is so faded that we look like ghosts
You were made of sand, in a castle skin                      
There was beauty for a moment till the tide rolled in    

But I still taste, the faintest touch of salt in the air, we’re still there
You’re the summer breeze that ruffles my hair
In the box beneath the stairs
In the box beneath the stairs

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Musical Information
Key: F# Major
Tempo: 73 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Nov 17, 2021