With No Goodbye

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The spotlight, was burning like a flame
I was, a body and a name
And all the rest was gone

Trapped like a hermit in a cage
I left the others on the stage
And still the show went on

Take a bow, from the back of the crowd
It’s over now

And I now see
The world turns without me
My shoulders never bore the heavy burden
I was just another person

And the sun rose 
Before the age of pharaohs
And after I am gone, another dawn will fill the sky
With no goodbye

I crave the comfort and control
Then chase the rabbit down the hole
And wonder why I’m lost

I build a palace so serene
Then douse it all with gasoline
I light a match and watch

Let it burn, without an ounce of concern
I never learn


And I’m steering, away from what I’m fearing
But every twist and turn’s a new concern that burns my soul

The rudder’s rusted tight and I’m careening through the night
I let it go and take me where it will


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Musical Information
Key: A# Major
Tempo: 159 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released May 31, 2019