Golden Sunrise

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We're sheltered from the sunlight
In the shade beneath the tree 
We hide behind the shadow
Like an orphaned refugee

The apple tree of knowledge
Shed its fruit along the way
The injury is fading
But the hunger's here to stay

Until the day
When there's no, memory
Of what we used to be

	Golden sunrise
	Burned your eyes
	Filled your dark skies
	Made you blind
The heads all turn to darkness
When the sun engulfs the sky
The brightness overwhelming
To the unadjusted eyes

We're taught to follow blindly
Like there's nothing here to see
A slave to some philosophy
Will somehow make you free

And you will be
So gladly handcuffed
Enlightened from above


With ignorance a virtue
A question is a sin,
Is there no remedy for 
the state that we are in?

With knowledge on a leash
It's like a terminal disease
And we won't be awake to see that we are fading out


Another day in darkness for the ones who've seen the light
Broken eyes are shining in the stillness of the night
They never see the beauty of the world as it is
Made you blind

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