Invisible Light

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You come, from outer space
And I, I sprung out from the earth
We lay down, face to face
To witness our rebirth

  And I'm not leaving while you're breathing
  I won't run away

    They say it won't last, and you'll move along
    And that we're moving too fast, but I know they're wrong
    Cuz we, are like invisible light in the dark
    There is an endless road on the edge of the map
    So let's pack our hats in a burlap sack and go

Men stare, and women sigh
And children dart their eyes
We're tall, our heads are high
And I won't apologize

  Oil and water, prince and pauper
  Not so far apart

Leaves are falling, we are stalling
Seasons come and go

But winter's chill won't leave me ill
I'll fight, and you'll fight

Toothpaste and lemonade
Polka dots and stripes
You're a dark night, and I'm the day
We're a wreck, and that's alright

  And you're the pin that's sticking in
  To me, the hand grenade

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Musical Information
Key: D Major
Tempo: 162 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 4:11
Released Aug 21, 2012