I Will Not Let You Let Me Down

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The Wake
From the albumThe Wake(2012)

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Everything is new again, walking with a permagrin
Head so high
I'm back with you and all is right

Shaking on the apple tree, ticking off the honeybees
Watch them fly
It's just like we never said goodbye

  And you’re like a worn out shirt that's soiled with dirt
  But fits me like a glove

I will not let you let me down
I will not let you let me down. this time
This is my final climb

Time and time and time again, lather rinse and lather rinse
Out and in
My head is dizzy from the spin

Breaking up and breaking down, making up and making out 
Round and round
I've learned to get up from the ground

  But this time's different, I can feel it
  We are on our way

My friends all tell me
You'll propel me
Right back in the ditch

I'm altruistic
Or masochistic
You just scratch my itch

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, Capo on the 8th fret

G      C  G/B  Am
Em     D/F#
G      C  G/B  Am
Em     D/F#

Em     C
Am     D

C      G
C      D
C      Am

Em     C
Am     D   D#dim
Em     C
Am     D

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