Little Miss Lovely Eyes

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Little Miss Lovely Eyes
Blue as the perfect skies of summer
Oh, the fleeting haze of August
Clutch it tight inside my pocket
All those days just slip away so fast

Little Miss Lovely Eyes
Oh, how the time just flies around us
They all say this time won’t last
But it seems like a minute passed 
Now here you are, my sweet and charming girl

    I would trade
    My gold away
    For one more day
    Of you and I beneath the summer sky

Little Miss Lovely Eyes
Remember when you were five, and I said 
Don’t you ever lose that spark
That lights the way when things are dark
And you’re still burning brighter than the sun

Little Miss Lovely Eyes
Up in a castle high above me
I used to read you fairy tales
The princess safe, the knight prevailed
But now I see that it was me you saved

    I would trade
    My gold away
    For one more day
    Of you and I beneath the summer sky

Draining the sands in the hourglass
Clearing space so the light can pass, right through
And all I need
Is to turn it over and watch it fall back
And watch the memories settle all back down

But there’s no way to flip it over
Or make it stop, or make it slower
It trickles even when we fall asleep

But while there’s sand that’s left to fall
Let’s hit the beach and take it all in now

Tablature & Chords

G   Am   C   (320033 x07500 870088)
G   Am   C

G   Am   C
G   Am   C
G/B   Cadd9   Dsus4  Em   (x2003x x3203x x5403x 075000)
G/B   Cadd9   Dsus4  

B/Eb  Em  Dsus4/F#  G  (x64000 x75000 x97000 x(10)9000
E/G# Am  D  (4x0450 x02210 xx0232)

Em  G/B  Cadd9  G  D/F#
Em  D  C  Cmaj7
Em  G/B  Cadd9  G  D/F#
Em  D  C
G/B  Cadd9  D  Em
G/B  Cadd9  D  

Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: G Major
Tempo: 134 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Apr 1, 2021