Let It In

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From the albumAshes(2010)

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It starts with an itch and a tingle 
Then it builds and expands 
And suddenly all at once my legs won't let me stand 

I scratch till my fingers go numb 
But my skin never bleeds 
A silent accomplice waits and feeds when I'm asleep 

    There's something that lives inside me 
    I promise I never let it in 
    It grows and divides inside me 
    It's making a home beneath my skin 

The seeds have been buried deeply
The roots are in place 
It's crowding the sun and it's darkened my days 

I've taken it all for granted 
But now it's too late 
There's nothing that's left to do but wait

Tablature & Chords


Dm  Dm7sus2  D6
Dm  Dm7sus2  D6
Dm  C6  G/B  Bb maj7
Am  A

F  Fmaj7  Dm  A/C#
Gm6  Gm  A  A7
Dm  A

A  A7  F#7
Bm Bm7  E7sus2/G#
A  A7  D
A#  C
Dm  A

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Musical Information
Key: D Minor
Tempo: 121 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 4:02
Released Nov 14, 2010