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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Can't Take Our Love Away

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Jaws all drop at the candyshop when we walk in the store
It's a frightening display
Mothers hide their children's eyes and hurry toward the door
I don't even want to know the things that they will say

But they can't take our love away

We try to eat on Crawford Street on a summer afternoon
We're just met with cold dismay
The owner storms the table and he takes away my spoon, and says
"We're not some kind of new cafe
Where freaks like you are on display"

But he can't take our love away

Whoever said that love is blind, didn't understand mankind
What he really meant to say, was love can't see... shades of grey

The fat old boys in Washington, they like to kill our fun fun fun
Man, they sure don't like to play
They care more about the bedroom than they do about the boardroom
That's the price we gotta pay

But they can't take our love away


Tuning: Open C, capo 2

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  Discussion: Can\'t Take Our Love Away

a (anon) · 5 years ago
Justin Larson Back · 1 year, 3 months ago
That's what I was thinking. Sadly, with the kind of world we live in, something like that is normally shunned and avoided at all costs. It's nice to have someone actually write a song about this kind of subject for once.
Jamie McAuslane (anon) · 2 years, 11 months ago
Dear josh Listening to some of your stuff. 'Cherry' And 'Can't take our love away' Really compelling and moving. I too am a musician and love writing. I got pointed towards your work through Ubuntu. I've been looking for some inspiration recently after a long sojourn on the electric guitar. Now I'm back on my acoustic this was what I needed to get me writing again. Today strangely while listening to Swansong I was just walking to our local post office contemplating the job I don't much like and observing things and people. I saw some old guy who kinda reminded me of my dad but plus ten years would look so incredibly tired of life, then I saw an old ramshakled cinema with all the elecrical cables hanging low with what was I guess were the roots of a self seeded flowering bush of some description intertwined beautifully together.  I think these thoughts are the beginning of a new song :-) Thanks for the inspiration. Your music and craft are very much appreciated by me. Jamie  Liverpool UK
Z... (anon) · 2 years ago
can you give me the Tablature, please?

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