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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Of Dark Rooms and Crooked Candles

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I don't wanna take a lot of space
I'll leave it for the angels who are plummeting from grace

And I try not to breathe a lot of air
In case there's someone out there gasping because there's not enough to spare

I'm just happy living in this dark room
So light this crooked candle and I'll give you what you need
Nothing, at all


Tuning: Open C (CGCGCE), but tuned down a whole step. So, open Bb.

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Played at 6 out of 113 shows since introduction (5%)
Played at 4 out of 40 non-open mic shows since introduction (10%)
There have been 42 show(s) since the last play.


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  Discussion: Of Dark Rooms and Crooked Candles

Lilly (anon) · 5 years, 6 months ago

This was the first song of yours I heard - really love it - I found it ages ago while looking at guitars on the Gibson website

Pete Iwanciw (anon) · 4 years, 3 months ago
Hi Josh, I listen to your music a lot (it's currently helping me battle through Uni exams) because it's so relaxing and chilled. I love it so much! Could you please put a tab up for Of Dark Rooms and Crooked Candles? Me and my friend discovered your music and we're trying to learn some songs, especially this one. We recommend you to literally everone we know, and even though I have a ridiculous amount of respect for you as a musician already, I'd love it even more if I could play this masterpiece myself :) Thanks. Pete.
Payton (anon) · 2 years, 11 months ago

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