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Big Disco Ball

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We broke into the old Bay Shore Roller Rink
Through a hole in the back wall
The echoes of our sneakers amplified themselves like speakers
Through the corners of the long-forgotten hall

    And the cobwebs spanned the door frames
    As I kneeled down to spell your name
    In the dust on the floor that we'd
    Danced on so many times before

The musty aroma is filling my head
And the broken windows let the birds in
Our breath, it made clouds and they wrapped us like shrouds
To keep November from reaching our skin

    And the ghost of the DJ floats in from the freeway
    He puts on your favorite waltz
    So I take your hand, the invisible band
    Leads us dancing around in the hall

The glow from the sunset caught the big disco ball
And sent dusty rays of light into your face
And the light from the ball hit the frost on the walls
And sent oranges and reds into space

    I caught a glance in the midst of our dance
    For a moment I stopped in my tracks
    The room was ablaze with the fiery rays
    While the frozen air blew through the cracks

And our bodies are frozen in time


Tuning: Standard, key of G

x34030 024000 x34030 024000

x34030 3x4030 x34030 3x4030
022000 x34030 320033 2x0230

022000 2x0230 320033 x20033 x34030

Solo / Ending: 
x32010 x54030 x75000 x-10-9-0-8-0 x32010 (x2)

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  Discussion: Big Disco Ball

Michael Waddell · 7 years, 1 month ago
This tells a moving story about criminal trespass which is magnificently innocent in spite of that. The 3/4 break at "bodies are frozen in time" is truly brilliant. I'd love to make a video for this song, but in order to do it correctly I'd have to risk arrest.
Lilly (anon) · 5 years, 2 months ago

This is such an amazing song and story - I can see it all in my head when I listen to this. The images you paint with all of your lyrics (not just this song)are so amazing

James (anon) · 3 years, 6 months ago
Oh yeah. The images floats on our minds. Beaultiful. Would be amazing, but it's not necessary to make a clip.

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