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Postcard From Hell

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The long-empty spot in this old parking lot
With a six-pack of Mexican beer
And you're finally here, you're finally here

We sprawl on the hood, and drink more than we should
And watch clouds in the distance collide
How they join and divide

    In just half a day I'll be flying away
    With the 21st Regiment B., over the sea

    They'll give me a gun and here you go, son
    Let's make sure that the good guys all win

There's no room for greed with a country in need
And I know you don't want me to leave, but you've gotta believe
They take what they need

No, I don't know the reason we go, but then, what do I know?
I'm just a farmboy from East Benton Ridge
Yeah, from East Benton Ridge

    There's plenty of guys who are smarter than I
    Who have told us that we need to fight
    So it's gotta be right

    When I get to the spot where the men are just shells
    And the whole world is cracked like the Liberty Bell
    I'll send you a postcard from hell

        The burden was mine, so I signed on the line
        And they gave me a number and rank
        And I promise my dear, I will write you this year
        When my mind's in a dark shade of blank
        Yeah, I will send you a postcard from hell

Now you're falling asleep on the hood of my Jeep
And you're burrowed to hide your sad frown
While the sun's going down, on this desolate town

Take a good look at this picture you took
And remember my face while I'm gone
It won't be too long

    I'll be back next May if this war goes away
    And I hope I can stay for awhile

    When I get to the spot where the men are just shells
    And when the whole world is cracked like the Liberty Bell
    And the faces stare back with a plan of attack
    And the voices have stopped and the boys have all fell
    I'll send you a postcard from hell


Tuning: Standard, key of C

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  Discussion: Postcard From Hell

jon (anon) · 10 years ago
dude you rock
Juan Tello · 6 years, 8 months ago
I love this song. And I love it's ambiguity: as I'm very opposed to war and hate how it's a very common practice for some countries. I love to read a lot between the lines of this song and think that it's about how war is hell and the ones that suffer are the "farmboys from East Benton Ridge" all thanks to some guys that are supposedly smarter than I and convince the everyday Joe's into thinking war is right. Although it might only be about how this hypothetical guy is feeling... the song is really good at making you feel empathy for this guy. Anyways this is one of the many Josh Woodward songs
George (anon) · 3 years, 6 months ago
Thank you for this song. My son will send us in a the future also postcards from hell. He has to go to Afganistan and i'll hope he will come back. They , the German Army, told him it's for the free world. I belive he will fight for the interest of the warlords of our modern times.
Revelation14 (anon) · 2 years, 5 months ago
A great song, but that whispering scared me half to death the first time I heard it.

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