Motionless Land

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From the albumAshes(2010)

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The TV man spoke of death on some coast
I saw all the crumbling debris
It dealt me a blow, but I'm thankful to know
That it could never happen to me

I am standing on motionless land
A constant under my feet
I've got four walls and a roof overhead
It could never happen to me 

    I feel for the poor folks who wander the streets 
    In search of their daughters and sons 
    It's sad there are people with nothing to eat 
    I'm thankful I'll never be one

I've worked for my family and home
My whole life I fought to be free
No one deserves to be homeless, alone
But it could never happen to me

I've lived my life, righteous and wise
And chosen my path carefully
Someone just has to be smiling on high
Cuz this could never happen to me 

    No I'm not without flaws, and I've suffered through loss 
    I've got problems that weigh on my mind 
    I've got bills to pay, and a son on the way 
    So I've got to save every dime

These things always happen so far from my door
As if tragedy lives overseas
I wish I could help, but I'm glad for myself
That it could never happen to me 

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Open D (DADGbAD), capo 5

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