The Maze

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Inside every mind, if you look, you will find
There’s a child who never grew old
Who sings to the trees, like nobody can see
With a fire that never went cold

He looks up to the stars, and the moon, and at Mars
And the endless expanse of the sky
Devoid of all doubt, just a question of how
To climb up to the heavens and fly

But time is advancing
A drip, then a flood
He’s adrift while you’re stuck on the shore
And he sails away to the depths of our brains
And we can’t seem to dream anymore

With the passing of days, we get lost in the maze
That we built out of habit and fear
The longer we run, the more lost we become
As the days disappear into years

When we’re sleeping in bed, the child in our heads
Is reminding us how to break out
But the moment we wake, it just up and escapes
And we’re back to the fear and doubt

But the answer’s inside us, it never did leave    
We just never believed it before

Well, I’m done with the maze for the rest of my days
I’m not wasting my dreams anymore
No, I’m not wasting my dreams anymore

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Musical Information
Key: F Major
Tempo: 50 bpm
Meter: 3/4 Straight
Released May 31, 2019