The Last Slice of Pecan Pie

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The last slice of pecan pie
Is laid out before my eyes
In plastic it's wrapped, all the memories trapped
On the shelf of the fridge where it lies

So lovingly it was made
But still, it must decay
Like the one, from whose hand, put the love in the pan
How quickly the moment will fade

So I'll pick up a fork in my hand
And I'll savor each bite till the end
I'll say my goodbye to the last slice of pie
That I won't ever taste again

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, capo 5

C    Am    Dm    Fmaj7sus2 (xx3010)

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Musical Information
Key: D# Major
Tempo: 52 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 1:48
Released Dec 19, 2013