Sunflower Boy

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You're standing on my land, with shaky little hands
Your uniform is baggy and worn, your face is cold and blank

From your mother's breast, without a chance to rest
You woke up with a rifle slung across your hairless chest

	Grow, sunflower boy
	Grow, sunflower boy

They took you away, and put you on a train
And left you in your callow skin, with nothing to your name

And all you feeble boys, you never had a choice
Those fragile men, you speak for them, with a quiver in your voice

	Grow, sunflower boy
	Grow, sunflower boy

Little soldier, please, take this pile of seeds, 
And carry them till the bitter end, in the pocket of your sleeve

And when you close your eyes, beneath the fading skies
In the mud, a pool of blood, a sunflower will rise

	Grow, sunflower boy
	Grow, sunflower boy

	Grow, sunflower boy
	Grow, sunflower boy

Tablature & Chords

Standard tuning, capo 1

Chorus/Intro:  3x303x  3x201x  3x000x



Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: G# Major
Tempo: 144 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Oct 27, 2023