Josie Has the Upper Hand

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I know you think she's sweet as candy
I know you wanna be with her
But Josie got a reputation
A scratch behind her purr

She's got her little game perfected
She'll let you think you have control
Then one day when you would least expect it
And steal away your soul

    It's so easy when you think you're winning
    But she's got herself another plan
    You may think you're being clever like a modern man
    But Josie has the upper hand

She's stubborn as a drunken donkey
She's subtle as a wrecking ball
She's spoiled like a bad banana
You're gonna slip and fall

She's denser than her diamond necklace
She's colder than a toilet seat
She's lazy as a dog on Sunday, but
You're the one who's on a leash


I know you're not to blame
And there's no shame in falling for her siren
But while you're still a man
You better get out while you can

    [Chorus x 2]

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, down 1/2 step

Intro / Chorus: 
C  D  D/F#  G
C  D  G
C  D  B7 Em
C  D  G C G

C  D/F#  G
C  D/F#  G
C  D/F#  G
Em D/F#

Em  G  C   G D/F#
Em  G  F  D/F#

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