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I was sleeping on the floor when he showed up at my door 
And said “it’s time to pack a bag and get away
The scientists are coming, so we better get a’running
Before the nanobots invade our brains”

They will fly into your nose and take a journey down your throat
Until they burrow from your lungs into your blood
And pumping from heart you’ll see them flowing through your arteries
And then the nanobots invade your brain

    I looked at him like he had lost his mind
    While he gathered up the Cheetos and the wine
    I asked him where we’ll go, he said he didn’t really know
    But we’re sure as shootin’ runnin’ out of time 

He said the government is watching while you’re sleeping or you’re shopping
But your thoughts are hidden deep inside your skull
They need a better spy if they are gonna get inside
They know the nanobots will heed the call

If they get into your mind, I think you’re probably gonna find that you don’t 
Even know that they are even there
They’re secretly recording and they’re silently reporting 
Yeah, the nanobots are everywhere

    Until one day when darkness fills the sky
    They’ll flip a switch, and we’re zombies off to fight
    With lasers in our eyes, and tasers in our minds
    The aliens shall not destroy mankind

I’ll be thankful when I see ‘em, but I wouldn’t want to be ‘em
So I’ll let ‘em do the dirty work alone
When they’ve pacified the planet, all the hosts will be supplanted 
Then the nanobots will need a home

We’ll be far away from trouble when we’re living in a bubble 
But the bubble better be a double pane
So grab a shovel and the foil and some food that never spoils
Before the nanobots invade our brains
Before the nanobots invade our brains

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Musical Information
Key: D Major
Tempo: 160 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Feb 28, 2020