Everything is Borrowed

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There’s only 12 notes on the music staff 
But three chords and the truth is all you really need
There’s only 26 letters in the alphabet
And no one really cares about the ones like Q and Z

You mix ‘em all together, in a soup of creativity
Add some salt and grab a spoon to taste
No matter if you improvised, or stuck close to the recipe
The soup is yours, no one can take your pot away

    Everything is borrowed, nothing's really new
    Everything's assembled from duct tape and glue
    We are all a patchwork piece of art
    Greater as a whole than the sum of the parts

Some chords sound nice together, that is why we choose ‘em
And some chords sound really bad, so we don’t really use ‘em
If we had to pay the royalties for G and C and D
There’d be a caveman with a Lambo for every day of every week

No one owns the words we speak, we built them all together
We took the little pieces and we slowly made them better
It’s okay to innovate, but don’t you feel too jaded
When somebody shows you that the Simpsons already had made it


Dig up bones and find an angel hiding in the ground (Simpsons did it!)
Buy and truck and make sure the streets are always plowed (Simpsons did it!)
Go and sing some barbershop and be a one-hit-wonder (Simpsons did it!)
Build a giant dome to hide a nasty city under (Simpsons did it!)
A clown paroled from prison, who wants to murder little boys (Simpsons did it!)
Old man in a panic from some plastic army toys (Simpsons did it!)
Trump becomes the president and everything explodes (Simpsons did it!)
I don't wanna watch this anymore


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Musical Information
Key: A Major
Tempo: 119 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Feb 28, 2020