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I like this riff, and I think I’m gonna write a song with it
It’s light and calm and sweet and at the same time upbeat
But I can’t think of what to say
So, I’ll just write it anyway
Now I need a chorus…

This would be perfect, if only the verse fit
I don’t know how I’d mash the two together
It’s maybe a new tune, called “Once in a Blue Moon”
About the chance of finding love
But it’s already been done, there must be a million
Sad sack stories in the used bin
I don’t really want to join them...

This song will be the best song
Don’t tell me I’m wrong
This song will be the best song
Except it’s not
So I’m gonna try again

Fingerpicking makes
Everything sound great
Everything I say sounds deep and sincere
Pull my finger and I fart
Watch it linger in your heart
See, I’m making lovely art, but it also kinda stinks

Who doesn’t adore, a waltz on the floor
Followed up with a crumpet and tea
Oh right, this is Michigan that I am living in
Not London in 1903

C’mon Woodward, get it together
C’mon Woodward, time  to be clever
Don’t stop now, just finish it, whatever it takes

I’m gonna try, try, try, try to grow a seed
I’m gonna try, try, try, till my fingers bleed
I’m gonna try, try, try, try, try, till I’ve used every chord

I’m gonna try, try, try, till I get it right
I’m gonna try, try, try, till the morning light
I’m gonna try, try, try, try, try, until I get bored
And then I’m gonna finish it later

Tablature & Chords

Capo somewhere. :D 

Part 1:
D  G/B  D  G/B
Em G  D/F#  G
Em G

Part 2:
D  D/B  Em A
D  D/B  Em A
Bm G  D/F# A
G  A

Part 3:
D  Em  G  A

Part 4:
Em D/F# G
Em D/F# G A
D  G  Em  A
D  G  Em  A

Part 5:
D Dmaj7 D6 Dmaj7

Part 6:
D  G  A  D
D  G  Em  A
D  G  Em  A

Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: F Major
Tempo: 120 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Sep 30, 2019