Tick Tock

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The secret flame
It burned in shame
Back and forth throughout the years

But finally
We both are free

I threw my baggage overboard
I let it go, I cut the cord
You're all that I've been waiting for, so let's go

	Tick tock
	Are you in or are you not?	
	I won't block the door
	But tick tock
	If you are gonna take a shot, then come at me with all you got, or else
	Just let me go	

Through all the years
We came so near
But something was always in the way

Now we're clear
It's only you and me here
The stars aligned so totally
They’re shining down on you and me
So tell me what's it gonna be, now?

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Musical Information
Key: E Major
Tempo: 109 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Swing
Length: 3:10
Released May 26, 2014