Oh Mallory

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Say no more to me, pack up your storm
I've been lost in the woods since the day I was born
I'd have pushed you aside but your body was warm
And your hands were open

I've been guilty of kindness and love
I've been knocked on the ground when your push came to shove
And the scars on my body are whithered and knotty
They left broken

   Oh, Mallory
   Oh, Mallory
   You're a snake in the grass and I'm stumbling past
   Like a trembling mouse on the lawn
   So Mallory, you, do what you've got to do and be gone
There's a tear in the fabric that's under your skin
And it grows like a chasm and swallows me in
And I'd run like a coward but I'm overpowered and falling slowly

All the horses in all of the land
They heave and they pull just as hard as they can
But they fumble and waver and sink in the sand as I drift away

Tablature & Chords

Capo 3, standard tuning.

Em#5 chord is played 022010.
G/B chord is played x2003x

Em#5 Em Em#5 Em C (repeat)

Em     C
Em     C  G/B  Am      C
Em     C
Em     C  G/B  Am      D7

G      C     C G/B  
Am     Em    D/F#
G      C  G/B Am   
C      D

Em     C      D/F#
Em     C  G/B  Am

Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: G Minor
Tempo: 76 bpm
Meter: 6/8 Straight
Length: 3:16
Released Aug 21, 2012