Ode to February

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February, heart of darkness
Pit of anguish and despair
February is the harvest
The rotten fruit of all your prayers

Where the snow is grey and slushy
It’s where the sky is grey and drab
It’s where my mind is grey and mushy
It’s where the future is the past
And now, we must shovel out
Of our hovel house
And go back to work

February, in the gutter
Rotten leaves and empty vines
February, in the shutters
Close the windows, shut the blinds

And the groundhog pokes his head up
And sees the shadows all around
I can’t blame him if he’s fed up
As he burrows in to
Disappear for six more years 
Till the sun appears another day

February, please just leave us
I’m sick and tired of the rest
I know you’re short and all, but Jesus
The northern hemisphere’s depressed

And I’d be dodging cupid’s arrows
But his aim is never true
So I’ll just sit and watch the sparrow
And I’ll imagine that away he flew
Off to somewhere new
Where the skies are blue
And the days are long

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, capo 5

Intro/Verse End:
0220xx  2002xx  32000x  x0xxxx  x2xxxx
x3201x  x2xxxx  x0xxxx  32000x  x0xxxx  x2xxxx
x3201x  x2xxxx  x0xxxx  32000x  3xxxxx  x0xxxx
2002xx  3200xx

Am  C     G  
Am  D/F#  G
C   G
Am  D/F#

Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: C Major
Tempo: 100 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Feb 3, 2022