Bags of Water

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Every single person you have ever feared
Who made you want to hide away and disappear
Who laughed at your misfortune and then called you weird
They're mostly just bags of water

The kid who broke your glasses in the second grade
Who took your lunch money in the playground shade
Who made you feel helpless and so afraid
They're mostly just bags of water

	All the people on the street, are just skin upon the meat
	With a scaffolding of bone and sinew
	It's a beautiful machine, but it's lipids and proteins
	And carbohydrates locked within you

	So when you want to talk to the girl down the block
	And you're scared of feeling like a stalker
	Just remember that you both, underneath your fancy clothes
	Are only just bags of water
The girl who you took to the senior prom	
Who went to freshen up but then she took so long
The guy you found her kissing in the parking lot
They're both just bags of water

The driver in the semi in the passing lane
Who's backing up the traffic all the way to Spain
The cop who pulls you over when you drive like a Saint
Are mostly just bags of water


Before you start, to think you're smart
And different from the rest
Like there's something deep and so unique
That's hiding in your flesh
Don't forget that you
are a bag of water too


Tablature & Chords

Tuning: standard, capo 1

D    G    A
D/F# G    Em  A  D

G    D    A    D
G    D    Em   A
G    D/F# D    A    G
Em   D/F# G    A    D

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Musical Information
Key: D# Major
Tempo: 126 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Swing
Length: 3:30
Released Jan 15, 2014