This Is Everything

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In the wake of the storm
I was shaken, I was reborn
I got another shot, to make it to the top today

I'm pulling out the sutures
I'm ready for the future
I'm ready for the slings and arrows and the fortunes lost

There's a voice that's buried deep inside my head
When it stumbled out, it said

	Hey, I got another chance
	I was living like a zombie, head in a trance

        And we're slow, and life is all you know
	And when it flashed before my eyes I realized  
        This is everything

Asleep in the daytime
Parked in the mainline
I was coasting by, like I had already died before

In the static of the city
Drowning in pity
Like a lost goodbye, I was fading in the sky alone

Till the day that shook me right down to the core
And pulled my body from the floor


Tablature & Chords


G     D/F#
Am    C
G     D/F#

Am    C
G     D/F#
Am    C

Em    Am
D/F#  G - D/F#
Em    Am
Em    Am
D/F#  G - D/F#
Am    D/F#

Em    D     C
Em    D     C
Em    D     A/C#
Am    C     G      D/F#
F     G

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Musical Information
Key: G Major
Tempo: 80 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 3:27
Released Aug 21, 2012