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The ship's down in the murky deep
You're set adrift in the choppy sea
No direction   

Flotsam and the loose debris
You cling to the nearest piece
For protection

You hold as tight as your hands can grip
No matter what, don’t you slip

Sunrise and the waves have calmed
You're spread out on a pile of logs
You've assembled

The storm hit and you nearly drowned
But now you're floating, safe and sound
In your temple

The salty breeze blowing through your hair
Drifting on with no care
Your savior gently holding you aloft
Free from danger and despair

But you can’t go on forevermore 
You gotta come ashore
You gotta paddle 'til you can't and then you go some more

I know you gotta stay afloat
But this is not a boat
You gotta paddle till you find a way to reach the shore

And I’ll be waiting for you on the beach
The stable ground beneath your feet

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Musical Information
Key: G Major
Tempo: 66 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Mar 30, 2022