Grey Snow

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Your secret's out, but you don't wanna know what it was all about
You close your eyes, you are warm and wrapped inside of your disguise

    Grey snow, falling on your window in the night

You let me in, I thought this sleeping dream was ready to begin
But then you froze, and shut me out and left me naked in the snow

Oh, in your darkest dreams
No one ever wants you, no one ever needs you
Oh, it's a cold, bitter, broken lie
No one ever knew you

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard

    x-12-10-12-x-12    12-x-10-12-x-12
    x-10-0-12-x-12     x-11-0-13-x-13
    x-12-10-12-x-12    12-x-10-12-x-12
    x-10-0-12-x-12     x-8-0-10-x-10

    65006x  x6506x  133211  022000
    65006x  x6506x  1x001x  032010

    Transition lick: 4x043x  7x076x  10-x-0-10-9-x  13-x-0-13-12-x

    Solo part: 
        x-0-14-14-13-0  x-0-14-14-<b>12</b>-0  x-0-14-14-<b>13</b>-0
        x-0-<b>15</b>-14-13-0  x-0-15-14-12-0  x-0-15-14-<b>13</b>-0
        13-x-0-0-13-x  13-x-0-0-12-x  13-x-0-0-13-x
        15-x-0-0-15-x  15-x-0-0-13-x
        x-0-14-14-13-0  x-0-14-14-12-0  x-0-14-14-13-0
        x-0-15-14-13-0  x-0-15-14-15-0  x-0-15-14-13-0

    x02210  x03210  133211  355433 
    x02210  x03210
    x02210  x03210  133211  355433 133211
    4x043x  7x076x  10-x-0-10-9-x  13-x-0-13-12-x

"Oh, in your darkest dreams":
    x-0-14-14-13-0  x-0-15-14-13-0  x-15-14-0-13-0  15-x-0-0-15-x

Staccato hits:
    x02210  x03210  320033  075700

    133211  ......  x02210  320033
    133211  2x023x  133211  2x023x
    Low string: 1, 3, 7, 5

    To do. :)

Song Data

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Musical Information
Key: A Minor
Tempo: 52 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 5:03
Released Dec 4, 2008