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Burn who I’ve been
Wipe the slate, a clean escape again
Run like the wind
The present’s gone, the past has never been

The firewood is spent
The daylight came and went
Now I’m just alone inside my head

And barely on the lam
The demons I outran
Are at the door

My saboteurs are passengers, they follow where I lead
I can't escape the trouble, when the trouble’s part of me
And I run, as fast as lightning, from the mountains to the shore
Still the wolves are clawing at the door

A tap, then a knock
Crecendoing and growing ever wilder
I stare at the lock
The pounding shakes, the plaster breaks apart

A crackle then a spark
Then everything goes dark
I feel the winds constricting on the walls

The shattered windows fall
A voice is in the hall, it calls me in


Burn who I’ve been
Wipe the slate, a clean escape, the end
Run like the wind
And leave behind my broken mind again


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Intro, capo 3:

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Musical Information
Key: D# Minor
Tempo: 81 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Sep 5, 2019