Another Drunken Verse

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From the albumSandcastles(2021)

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In the hazy morning
She left without a warning
Into the great untold beyond

And though I was abandoned
She left empty handed
Just a rambler with a song

And like a comet
She’s here and gone, it’s
A blaze of light and then the empty sky
At least I tried, at least I tried

    Didn’t I ever leave a mark?
    Didn’t I ever see a spark?
    Didn’t I ever peel the darkness off?

    Maybe I’m just the lonely one
    Maybe I’m just a loaded gun
    Maybe I’m just a slur of mumbled words
    To another drunken verse

She would push her sorrows
To the next tomorrow
Far enough away to breathe

But soon the piper’s calling
The house of cards is falling
She’s right on time to flee the scene

The frog and scorpion
Were at the shore again
And I invited her to hitch a ride
At least I tried, god I tried


Don’t cross me, said the bridge to the flabbergasted traveler 
Then calmly, he replied, what’s your purpose if I don’t
A bridge is there to walk across
That’s all that it can do, because
We are just who we are
It’s just the destiny and stars that we are dealt

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Musical Information
Key: F# Major
Tempo: 85 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Feb 8, 2021