The Merrier

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More mouths to feed, more dirty shorts 
More books to read, more pillow forts
More stockings crammed upon the mantle hooks

More tears to dry, more movie nights
More fears to hide, more tangled kites
So much to learn that they don't teach in books

    Cards down, the bets are in
    A full house, for the win
    The more of us, the stronger we will be

    And each time, it's scarier
    But the more love, the merrier 
    Another branch upon the family tree

From sports cars to minivans
From date nights to dental plans 
From flying high to building up the nest

From foie gras to mac and cheese
From crosswords to ABCs 
The new life for you and me's the best 


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Musical Information
Key: A Major
Tempo: 121 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Swing
Released Apr 19, 2023