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Josh Woodward: Creative Commons Music

Bonjour, Mon Amie

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Bonjour, mon amie
The sweetest thing to hit Paris
Would you spend a little time with me today

Bonjour, ma cherie
I love it when you talk to me
Though I don't understand a single word you say

        Your accent sounds so bourgeoisie to a hick like me from Tennessee
        But you make me feel just like a million Francs
        It's like money in the bank

Bonjour, mon amie
Would you give me back my joie de vivre
And just let me bid adeiu to lonely days

Bonjour, ma cherie
The time for love is aujourd'hui
I wanna see just what a French kiss oughtta be

        So maybe I can't parlez vous francais... just take me anyway
        We both can speak the language of love
        So let's get this conversation on the road

Bonjour, mon amie
You shouldn't slap my face, you see
In America, that means that you are mad

You show me where to find the door
I guess that's what they call "l'amour"
So for now it's just adeiu to mon amie
So for now it's just adeiu to mon amie


Tuning: Standard, Capo 2

    C        F   D/F#  G   C           (x2)

    F    Em   Am   F   G

    Am  F  G  Am
    Am  F  G

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