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Sweet Charlene McGray
Pretty as a posie in the springtime
She would twirl around all day
Get dizzy and she'd fall down in a haze

    And the country breeze passed slowly as I went to her
    I knocked upon her solid wooden door
    But her father, he just looked at me and said "leave or I'll call the law"
    So I cut her pa in half with a chainsaw

She always had a way 
Of giving all the neighbor boys sensations
They would close their eyes and pray
That their Christian God would lead them from temptation

    But her mama didn't want that girl to grow up
    And end up with a heathen like myself
    Well, she always tried to tell Charlene about my little flaws
    So I cut her ma in half with a chainsaw

And now sweet Charlene McGray
She's all mine, there's nothing to divide us
On that sunny day in May
It was time to ask that girl to be my bride

    So I got down on one knee and took her finger
    And I said to her, "Charlene, will you be mine?"
    But she just kept complaining that I killed her ma and pa
    So I cut Charlene in half with a chainsaw

Tablature & Chords

Tuning: Standard, tuned down one step

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Musical Information
Key: F Major
Tempo: 85 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Length: 3:38
Released Jan 1, 2004