Would You Feed My Roses?

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Standard Deviations
From the albumStandard Deviations(2023)

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I was never one for vintage wine
I don't need a villa on the Rhine
Just some coffee is essential
With a crossword and a pencil
And a porch swing with a cushion on the back
Well, I won't leave much behind
But I ask, if you don't mind
Would you feed my roses when I die?

I live a life that's simple, all alone 
I never had a family of my own
It's not that I'm complaining
No, I'm happy just remaining
In the warm embrace of solitude and peace 
But I love my little garden
So if I could beg your pardon
Would you feed my roses when I die?

All you need is twice a year
Once when all the snow has cleared
Another in the waning summer haze
And if you have the time to spare
When spring is hanging in the air
Leave a stem or two upon my grave

Some folks fade away into the dark 
Some become a statue in a park
Others leave behind a poem
So their ancestors'll know 'em
Some leave behind regrets they'll never mend
Well, I don't have any treasure
Or a song to live forever
But would you feed my roses when I die?
Would you feed my roses when I die?

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Musical Information
Key: G Major
Tempo: 64 bpm
Meter: 6/8 Swing
Released Apr 19, 2023