Michigan Blues

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A siren pierces through my slumber
A fragile dream is torn asunder
The city of eternal summer wakes

The sky's a sickly shade of crimson
The sun is struggling to limp in
The smog is wrapped around me like a cape

    Alone in the city of glitter and gleam
    I sold my soul to the dream
    It turns out the promise is not what it seems
    And now I'm adrift in the sea

I miss the snow of late December
The crackling of the fireplace embers
The dive bars where they all remember me

My hometown seems a distant vision
The streets that once felt like a prison
It's feeling like the cell just followed me

    I don't mean to say that the grasses are greener
    But everything here is just brown
    I try to hold on to my gentle demeanor
    This city is bringing me down

        I'm sad and homesick again, missing my Michigan blues
        The Great Lakes horizons and skies in those Michigan blues 

	And every star in Hollywood 
 	They wouldn't shine a tenth as good
	As a summer night on Independence Lake

	The same old stars are in the sky
	So maybe I'm the reason why
	My troubles hitched a ride along with me

I can't erase the past I've hidden
The ink is dried, the page is written
The story of my life has taken flight

This fleeting moment's all that matters
'Cause I can start another chapter
I can write the story as I like

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Musical Information
Key: A Major
Tempo: 120 bpm
Meter: 6/8 Straight
Released Apr 19, 2023