The Key

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Looking through the junk drawer, searching
Somewhere there's a lighter, lurking
To light my daughter's fourteen birthday candles

I came across, a bag of knick-knacks
Orphaned screws, expired tic tacs
And a key from long ago

Is it from my house when I was growing up
And you were always showing up
And throwing little pebbles at my window

I would tip-toe down the stairway
And past my parents, where they
Were drifting in the land of nod

And I'd go out, sneaking through the side door
I would plant a little fairy kiss, there upon your cherry lips
And I held your freezing hands
Our love was still so very new, but I knew that I would marry you
You've always been the key, to open me

Was it our apartment by the bakers
When you were pushing papers
And I was working second shift

At times you barely saw me
But we always had our coffee
On the balcony with a morning kiss

Then at night, I'd stumble in exhausted
I would crawl in bed and snuggle you, we'd mash up like a W
With the angles all aligned
Even when my back was hurting me, we always fit so perfectly
You've always been the key, to open me

Was it our bungalow in Findlay
With a picket fence and chimney
And a garden full of pretty weeds

You were in your third trimester 
With cravings that would fester 
Until you filled the need

So it's out the door, for pickles and Doritos
Another midnight run for groceries, I fumble for my pants and keys
But I was glad to do it
You were sailing through the troubled seas, to find the final puzzle piece
You've always been the key, to open me

So many doors, I've closed and opened
Some were stuck, and some were broken
But this key won't open anything of interest

You've been here from the beginning
Now even in the 7th inning
You're still the only key, to open me

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Musical Information
Key: F# Major
Tempo: 107 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Swing
Released Apr 19, 2023