Swimming in Turpentine

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I didn't want to take your honor away 
You're just another toy to me 
Discarded prey and I, 

I didn't want to hear you crying today 
But everything is what it is 
And you won't stay in pain for long 
No, you are strong 

    Please, I'm down with a bad disease 
    You're torn and holy 
    My mind, is swimming in turpentine 
    Dissolving slowly 

You shivered like an earthquake shaking your heart 
You crack a fissure, exposing every inch of your 
Deepest part, and I 

I didn't mean to make you crumble apart 
But you have got a life ahead 
So go and start to cauterize 
Your wounded cries


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Musical Information
Key: E Minor
Tempo: 160 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Swing
Length: 3:22
Released Nov 14, 2010