Circle K

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Late night, Circle K
East side of L.A.
A mother with a stroller wanders in

A jug of milk and bread
$5.19, I said
She reaches for her purse but tucks her chin

This one is on me
My daughter, she is three
I know how hard the grind is every day

She smiles and nods her head
And gives her kid a slice of bread
Just another day at the Circle K

A business man walks in
His eyes are red and dim
His tie is dangling down, his jacket’s gone

The coffee pot is low
I make some more, he says I’m slow
“You people, all the same, you lazy sloths”

I grit my teeth and breathe
I haven’t had a break in weeks
He makes more in an hour, than I’ve made all day

He grabs a dollar bill and pays
With thirty cents from the penny tray
It’s just another day at the Circle K

Arthur’s right on time
It’s 1:59
Bottom shelf tequila and Pall Malls

He said the streets were slow
The rain kept people home
He almost didn’t make it for last call

I checked the sandwich case
For stuff I’ll have to throw away
Here’s a roller dog from 2008

He said “I’m just glad to eat”
And ventured out into the street
It’s just another day at the Circle K

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Musical Information
Key: G Major
Tempo: 109 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Jan 19, 2021