Vegan Zombies

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Vegan zombies like cauliflower
Because it looks like brains
They can munch on it for hours
It never feels no pain

    And though they never would complain
    They know it doesn’t taste the same
    As a lightly salted, juicy human brain

    Temptation leads us all astray
    The best can fall and lose their way
    Even vegan zombies make mistakes

Vegan zombies like cauliflower
Morning, noon, and night
Always sweet, and never sour
It won’t put up a fight

    But sometimes in the summer heat
    They crave the taste of human meat
    And heaven knows we all deserve a treat

    They head on down to Kerrytown
    Where the farmer’s market can be found
    And organic, free-range humans do abound

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Musical Information
Key: E Major
Tempo: 105 bpm
Meter: 4/4 Straight
Released Jun 21, 2016